Hi all...I am very pleased to announce that we have our two new scholarship winners for this year and the team are really looking forward to working and supporting these women all the way to event day!

Let me introduce to you:

                   Alana Tisch                     and                        Sarah Hallum      

Both are raring to go and have already swapped contact details to train together when they can. The next step is for them to meet their personal trainers at Cityfitness and start working on the wonderful journey of getting across that finish line!

So if you see them in the gym, out on the bike or a running track say "Hi', wish them well and maybe even give them a high five...

Looking forward to another season of hard work with great reward.

Jan Crafts - Scholarship Coordinator


Welcome to the home of the Kapiti Women's Triathlon. Event day is all set for Sunday 28th February 2016, mark your diary now!

Entries will open the beginning of October, so keep checking the website or contact us to be added to our database and be the first to know.

This website is being updated in preparation  for October, so have a good nosy around but please note some of the training dates will be incorrect.